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Home Care & Hygenic Range

Our main concern and contribution to your personal care


Natural Herbal Range

Lia is a Sri Lankan cosmetics, skin care Company that specializes in natural herbal extract preparations for its range of Face wash , Face creams, body lotion.


Upcoming Brand

At LORA, we trust that healthy skin is the most beautiful skin. Along with a team of Ayurveda doctors, microbiologists and chemists who specialize in organic and natural formulations, We recognized Active Botanical Ingredients based on their natural soothing and enchanting aspects.


Organic Products

Offmarks is a Srilankan cosmetic, skincare company that specializes in natural herbal extracts. The range includes a wide range of organic products from skin


Inspired by the wonders of Mother Nature

Swabha Ceylon offers a blend of modern day science with our natural heritage of local Ayurveda to bring our users effective and natural set of beauty essentials adhering to international standards.

Pharmaceutical Brands

Ace Pharmaceutical

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